A quick reminder about Laser Tag sessions, no game we host is ever the same, which means you may end up experiencing more than just one game mode when purchasing more than one session (for example,1st session - Free For All, 2nd may end up being Teams etc).

Got any questions about our pricing structures, or need something more specific? Then please contact us today.

Special Offers

Unlimited Laser Tag - $23

Friday / Saturday nights:

8pm - 10pm* (subject to availability, 2 15 minute breaks are included)

10pm - Midnight* (subject to availability, 2 15 minute breaks are included)

Iron Man Mondays - $16

7PM-8PM (4 sessions)

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Laser Tag

1 Session
$9 per person

2 Sessions
$16 per person

3 Sessions
$20 per person

Each session lasts approximately 15 minutes.


1 Hour

 3 Hour Pack
(hours do not expire)

All-day pass
(expires next business day or at midnight)

All-night gaming is available every Friday/Saturday

​All-night gaming packages
(10PM - 8AM)
$23 per system
of your choice
(PC, Xbox One or PS4)
​$33 for 2 systems of your choice

Virtual Reality

1 session

2 sessions

3 sessions