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At Galaxy Gaming, we get many requests about the rigs and hardware that we use on-site. We take all the effort that we can to make our hardware as effective and as reliable as possible. Interested in trying to replicate what we let you kick ass with at our Sioux Falls venue? Then we are more than happy to help you make that become a reality.

We offer custom build PCs for sale and service, meaning that you can easily replicate all that we have put in action here on-site. Please be aware that all service is done locally, meaning you know exactly where everything is being pieced together.

How is it different from any other place that sells computers?
No wait times! Rather than waiting for weeks or months to get a part replaced, we manage everything ASAP.

If you have purchased your computer here, you’ll be getting premium quality prices and fair rates for everything!
In the event of a certain PC part going bad, let us know. We’ll do everything that we can to assist!

Just bring it to us, and we we will replace it with similar part until your original part comes back from the manufacturer.

In case no part is available, we will lend you one of our towers while yours is in repairs, meaning you don’t need to miss out on premium gaming time!

Other Computing Services
- Windows re-installation - $60 plus Tax
- Spyware removal - $30-$50 plus tax
- Data backup - $25 

Is your computer locking up, freezing, or suffering from system crashes?
System diagnostics is FREE when we repair your PC - otherwise it's just $40.

Custom builds are always available for sale, but if you are looking to purchase a system customized to your specific needs, it can also be arranged. Let us know what you are looking for and we’ll do everything to source it at a fair rate and put it all in place for you!

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