Laser Tag

What makes Galaxy Gaming arena stand out from the traditional laser tag arenas? We designed our arena with lighting, sound, video, and fog effects that create an interactive environment for a full immersion.
To make the atmosphere even more exciting, we have installed wall targets, energy gates and modern power up stations. Use them to your advantage!
The arena is multilevel, which means there are elevations and ramps. The arena can hold up to 30 players and up to 9 teams can play simultaneously. More than 10 different game modes is offered, Free for All, Teams, Zombies and more!
Players love the combination of ancient city and jungle theme in the arena, if Indiana Jones played laser tag, this is the arena he would have picked!

Virtual Reality

Get fully immersed in Virtual World at Galaxy! Galaxy Gaming is the first entertainment center in South Dakota to offer Virtual Reality attraction. We offer an impressive variety of games to choose from, every one of them has a support of up to 4 player action!
Never played VR before? Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the whole process and help you get in the game with your friends! It's an unforgettable experience for dad and son or the whole family!

Social Gaming

Any gamer's paradise! Over 60 stations with 500 Mbps up/down fiber optics connection, offering latest and greatest gaming titles including Call of Duty and Battlefield series, PUBG, RUST, Fortnite and many, many more!
Systems include: Gaming PCs, Xbox One and PS4 Pro stations. A variety of rare energy drinks, and even oven baked pizza are also available!
So how does this work? Just like in any other cybercafe, you can purchase hours of gaming, all-day pass or even all-night pass (yes, we are open all-night every Friday and Saturday!) Memberships are free and allow you to accumulate your gaming time (hours purchased never expire) You don't have to own the games nor PSN Plus or Xbox Live Gold memberships, we got it covered!

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